Advance Praise

“Hope for the endurance of the human spirit in the face of tragedy.  Artfully described…intensely powerful…riveting…uplifting.” -KIRKUS REVIEWS

“In Supersurvivors, Feldman and Kravetz create an inspiring narrative that elegantly integrates compelling personal stories, evidence-based conclusions, myth busting, and their keen insights to help solve a core problem of human nature: How some of us bounce back from disaster and adversity to thrive while creating even more vibrant lives. Learn those secrets. Here. Read on.” -PHILIP ZIMBARDO, PHD, STANFORD UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR EMERITUS AND AUTHOR OF ‘THE LUCIFER EFFECT’

“Supersurvivors dares to ask, ‘How, really, do we heal?’ From real case studies and hard science, the answers it finds shake the foundations of the way we conceive recovery.” – PO BRONSON, THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF NURTURESHOCK: NEW THINKING ABOUT CHILDREN

Supersurvivors might well be a how-to manual on taking adversity and turning it into an advantage. As I read it, I kept thinking: I wish I’d had this book ten years ago!” – ARON RALSTON, SUBJECT OF THE FILM 127 HOURS

“Just surviving suffering is a form of success. But these people have done more than survive, and their stories are worth your time. One day you may need what they have.” – LINDA ELLERBEE, AUTHOR OF ‘TAKE BIG BITES’ AND EMMY AWARD-WINNING REPORTER FOR ‘GOOD MORNING AMERICA’ & ‘THE TODAY SHOW’

Counseling experts David Feldman and Lee Kravetz have delivered a rare book that both enlightens and inspires. With extraordinary stories of people who emerged from trauma better than they were before, enriched by the latest evidence on post-traumatic growth, this is a blockbuster that every leader, parent, doctor, teacher, student, coach, and caregiver needs to read. I can’t remember the last time I was so fascinated and moved by a book—let alone one grounded in science. - ADAM GRANT, PROFESSOR AT THE WHARTON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ‘GIVE AND TAKE’

“I have spent the last 35 years of my life working with survivors of the Holocaust who have chosen to transform the accident of horrific victimization into an act of witness, to plead for human dignity and decency, for human rights and mutual responsibility. Reading Feldman and Kravetz’s Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success has taught me to understand their choice in a new light. This is the rare work that is both profound and accessible. The joint effort of a scholar and journalist presents the most complex of ideas in the most human of ways on one of humanity’s most urgent problems. We read time and again of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder without understanding that, while we cannot undo suffering the past, we can find ways to use that anguish to empower us in the future. I read this work with tears and laughter, with anguish and with hope.” - DR. MICHAEL BERENBAUM, PROJECT DIRECTOR OF THE U.S. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM  (1988–1993)

“It’s rare to find a book that appeals so well to both the head and the heart. Marrying eye-opening stories with thought-provoking science, Feldman and Kravetz open a powerful window into a world of forgiveness and hope.” - FREDERIC LUSKIN, PH.D, AUTHOR OF ‘FORGIVE FOR GOOD’ & DIRECTOR OF THE STANFORD UNIVERSITY FORGIVENESS PROJECT

“Supersurvivors is a brilliant rethinking of the consequences of trauma. This book will change the meaning we give to survival, both for individuals and for our culture as a whole.” – ETHAN WATTERS, AUTHOR OF CRAZY LIKE US: THE GLOBALIZATION OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE

“With a Malcolm-Gladwell-type talent for wedding science and story, Supersurvivors weaves together stories of success brought about by trauma—from a Rwandan refugee, to the survivor of a 1930 lynch mob, to a blind man who rowed across the Atlantic. This is not a book looking to make lemonade from lemons, but rather an in-depth and beautifully rendered look at the psychology behind the human spirit. It is as thought provoking as it is inspiring.” – MOLLY CALDWELL CROSBY, NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE AMERICAN PLAGUE

“Supersurvivors is an astonishing book. A radically different look at who we are and how we make our way in the world, it asks how we might move forward from crisis and trauma, empower ourselves, and make choices that will let us live more fully and with a greater degree of hope. We can be more than who we are; we can focus our energies like these supersurvivors and create change for others.”           – RUTH MESSINGER, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD SERVICE

“Supersurvivors provides the contemporary science about the biology of hope that is vital for all of us—all of us—as we daily confront challenge big and small, real and imagined.” – WALTER M. BORTZ, II M.D., STANFORD UNIVERSITY, AUTHOR OF ROADMAP TO 100 

“A refreshing, clear-eyed, no BS take on what resilience really looks like. This wonderful book is free of platitudes or empty comforts. Readers are not advised to ‘rise above’ their circumstances, but rather to engage more deeply with the reality of them. The many inspiring stories in this book are a result of this very honest grappling.” -ROBIN ROMM, AUTHOR OF THE MERCY PAPERS: A MEMOIR OF THREE WEEKS 

‘SUPERSURVIVORS: The Surprising Link Between Suffering & Success’
by David B. Feldman, PhD, and Lee Daniel Kravetz,
will be published by HarperCollins/Harper Wave in June, 2014.
Available in hardcover, ebook, and audio book wherever books are sold.